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HKYWCA organised workshop on family-related topics

Nowadays, parents tend to focus a lot on their children’s intellectual development and school results, but ignore other development aspects. Not only does it put great pressure on both the children and the parents, which may result in tense parent-child relationship, it also deprives the children of training in some important areas for healthy development. In the light of that, HKYWCA Family Wellness Centre has organised family-related workshops for years to share the knowledge of parenting and ways of taking care of one’s own emotions.

This year’s talk consisted of two topics. Conducted by Ms. Lai Kit Yee, HKYWCA’s clinical psychologist, the first one was about the emphasis switch from intelligence to executive skills. It is well known that intelligence affects the growth of a child. Yet, new findings support the vital importance of executive skills, e.g. concentration, flexibility, organisation skill, etc.

Ms. Akina Sze, the Association’s social worker pointed out in the second part of the workshop that, parents should take good care of one’s own emotion. Anxious over everything about the children is not healthy. She encouraged parents to pay attention to their children’s personality and cultivate their strengths. Avoiding comparison is also good to keep oneself content and optimistic, and provide a relaxing environment for all parties. Participants agreed with most of the content of the talk, and shared their life experiences during the discussion session.  

Except regular talks and seminars, HKYWCA Family Wellness Centre organises children’s programmes too, for example, 3D printing, STEM and clay production workshop, to explore the potentials of different children. If you would like to know more about the activities, please call 2700 1700. 

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