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Funded programme promoted family wellness in kindergartens

Supported by Quality Education Fund, the Association’s Pre-School Education Department launched the Family Wellness Vitamins: The Faithful Coacher Of Children in 2016/17 school year, and promoted the six Family Wellness Vitamins in ten kindergartens. The programme aimed to bring teachers and parents together to construct a harmonious and safe environment for the children to develop their potentials. A seminar was held in May, to review the activities and share the valuable experiences and practices.

A survey was done earlier with over 1,000 parents and found that both their understanding of and frequency of practicing the six Family Wellness Vitamins have increased after joining the programme. The increment in the three key items, namely Spiritual Well-being, Resilience, and Commitment, was even more distinct, which was very encouraging. 

During the seminar, Ms. Kathy Wong, the unit-in-charge of HKYWCA Family Wellness Centre, held a subject talk on creating resilience for the family. She took the reality TV show Where Are We Going, Dad? as an example to explain the importance of a role model and how a parent acts in an adverse environment affects the child’s coping strategies. She pointed out there are many possible ways out of adversity and the essences is to grasp a balance between “rest” and “action”, “solution” and “suspension”, “resistance” and “acceptance”. With Kathy’s personal experience sharing, the participants reflected and developed new methods in creating resilience.

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