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HKYWCA Shed Skin Papa Charity Premiere

Parent-child relationship is never easy to master. It can be a great comfort or a disastrous torture. HKYWCA’s Family Wellness Centre has always been aware of the difficulties and hence devoted in promoting family wellness. We listen. We counsel. We educate. We fill families with “vitamins” that help members to stay intimate yet not stifling as it is important for people to restore confidence in the relationship that shall never fail. 

In the movie Shed Skin Papa, the washed-out film director Tin Lik-hang is encountering a series of crisis in life. To make things worse, he must take care of his dementia-ridden father, Tin Yat-hung. In the midst of Lik-hang's miserable plight, Yat-hung suddenly begins to shed a layer of skin every day like a cicada, each time making him look ten years younger.

With the father’s different stages of life reappearing, the son, who never seriously got along with his father, is able to gain new understandings for his father and the family. Relationship between father and son is rebuilt, so are their lives. 


HKYWCA is going to organise Shed Skin Papa Charity Premiere, and would like to invite everyone to join us on this wonderful journey.

HKYWCA Shed Skin Papa Charity Premiere
Date: 9 December 2017 (Saturday) 7:00pm
Venue: AMC Pacific Place (Admiralty)
Fundraising Purpose: To raise funds for the family counseling services in the Association’s Kowloon Centre Family Wellness Centre 

We hereby ask for your support to the meaningful event, by:
• Becoming the sponsor of the premiere;
• Ordering premiere tickets and enjoy the great movie with your friends and family;
• Placing advertisement on the programme brochure; and/or
• Circulating this message to encourage your friends and colleagues to participate.

The proceeds will go to the Association’s Family Wellness Centre in the Kowloon Centre, to support the family counseling services. We will help the families in need to “shed skin” – leaving the blame and indifference behind, to build trust and happiness. 

More information about the sponsorship options can be found here.

The barrier between generations is challenging yet breakable. Let’s join hand to realise the potentials of every single family!

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