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Hip Hing-Vibro sponsored day camp for elderly carers

With the sponsorship from Hip Hing Construction Co., Ltd., Vibro (H.K.) Ltd. and Vibro Construction Co., Ltd., HKYWCA’s Elderly Service Department organised a day camp for elderly carers. Participants took part in different activities to learn combating stress in taking care of the elders. 

Interesting programmes, for example laughter yoga, essential oil massage, gardening workshops, etc., were introduced to help relaxation. Comics with black humour and short clips about carers’ stories were shared. They brought about both laughters and tears, yet were successful in encouraging participants to face difficulties and pressure in an optimistic way. Ms. Leung Sui Ming, member of the Association’s Social Service Committee attended the event too, to give a talk on useful information about the law.

Hip Hing-Vibro Volunteer Team supports the Association’s Elderly Service Department in various projects every year. We are grateful that they take social responsibilities seriously. Their caring acts and support to our services help brighten the lives of many people.

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