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HKYWCA Y Eco Tour staff was awarded Outstanding Social Enterprise Employee

Developing social businesses and encouraging cross-sector collaboration to develop a “community based” multi-disciplinary service platform is one of HKYWCA’s service focuses. To express our appreciation to the outstanding social entreprise staff, the Association joined the “Hong Kong Social Enterprise Outstanding Employee Recognition Scheme 2017”, organised by Hong Kong General Chamber of Social Enterprises Ltd (HKGCSE) and Social Enterprise Summit.

Kong Chun Kit of the Association’s Y Eco Tour Tai O Cultural and Ecological Integrated Resource Centre (“Y Eco Tour”) obtained the award this year. Kit is born and bred in Tai O and has always hoped to introduce the place to more people. He works at Y Eco Tour to promote sustainable development that balances people’s lifestyle and the area’s economic growth. His enthusiasm and outstanding performance make him own the award. 

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all SE staff for their contribution. We also hope to gain continuous support from the public to develop social businesses in order to serve more people in need.

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