Strategic Development
Starting from 2013, the “Four Bold Steps” Strategic Plan has been implemented, including
(i) strengthening and promoting of the YWCA Movement, to emphasize its cultural heritage and enhance the synergy of the three Movements, namely Christian Ministry, Women Affairs and Membership Affairs. Efforts have been made to crusade the YWCA Movement, nurture Christian women leaders and utilize the strength of both members and volunteers for the benefits of the society;

(ii) establishing service impact assessment mechanism to review and analyze the respective social and financial impact of our services with the aim to explore the agency’s strengths and maximize its resource utilization. In the long run, enhance social impact and organization sustainability;

(iii) developing social business including high-impact self-financed services and social enterprises. The potentials and effectiveness of departments would be further enhanced through innovation and cross-sector collaboration; and

(iv) enhancing staff engagement and management with emphasis laid on staff loyalty and sense of belonging towards the Association. Building human capital through conducting a corporate cultural survey and implementation of the ten new initiatives on staff fringe benefits such as devoted service award, master of fitness award and family friendly policy coupled with the strengthening of internal communications. All these were measures being taken to show our genuine concern about staff’s needs.

Regarding service development, 2014-15 PMMT has included the following:

1. Integration of YWCA Movement: implementing programmes which could deepen and promote the knowledge about YWCA Movement, integrating the Blue Triangle Movement, advocating gender perspectives and evangelistic activities and fostering the growth of members and volunteers of the Association.

2. Enhancing service effectiveness: enhancing/reducing/restructuring/expanding certain implementation items, and developing new social businesses and self-financed services.

3. Strengthening corporate branding: strengthening positive mass media exposure, corporate branding and corporate image design.

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