President's Remarks (2017/18)

Founded in 1920, Hong Kong YWCA has adhered to the Christian spirit of love and compassion, and endeavored to become the social service pioneer by developing various tailored and forward-looking services to address the ever-changing social needs.

Completion of the Kowloon Centre Rehabilitation

With God’s guidance and blessings, we succeeded to attain remarkable achievements in various service developments in the past year. Above all, the Kowloon Centre rehabilitation project which had spanned several years was eventually completed and commenced service. The building offers a range of newly developed services to fully support our users at different stages of life. While it is God’s grace which makes the project a success, I am also grateful for the valuable contribution of everyone in the Association, people from different sectors, generous donation from the Jockey Club Charities Trust as well as the policy support from government departments. Our concerted efforts have realized our determination to provide quality service to the community and I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to all of them.

Enhancing Corporate Governance

As a social service organization committed to serving the community and fulfilling its mission, we spare no effort to enhance the corporate governance of the Association. Besides advocating the participation of board members in corporate governance, conferences and overseas visits, young talents with suitable expertise and an international perspective are identified and invited to join different committees of the Association for bringing their professional knowledge and abilities to full play. By nurturing young women leaders, intergenerational leadership is strengthened for the Association to face up to future challenges.

Passing on the Founding Mission

The founding of HKYWCA was rooted in Christ’s teaching of love and compassion. Four visionary and devoted Christian ladies witnessed and fulfilled the Christian spirit by establishing HKYWCA and taking up the responsibility of improving the wellbeing of women and the underprivileged. Very soon, our Association evolved into a social service organization offering diversified services ranging from women’s affairs, child and family wellness, youth development, education and training, elderly service to social business, with service units located all over Hong Kong.

The year 2020 marks the centenary of the Association. Working groups formed by board members and staff from different departments have been actively preparing for a range of celebrative activities including the youth forum, international conference, thanksgiving worship and anniversary dinner, on the theme of “HKYWCA – My Home” to convey the meaning of love and care, nurturance and protection, unity and fellowship, which correspond to our core values and Christian spirit. A commemorative brochure and special issue featuring the Association’s service development will also be published. The celebration will not only enable us to communicate and connect with our friends and partners as well as the YWCAs from different countries. The image of YWCA as a pioneering women’s organization is also reinforced by highlighting the significance of its women’s issues advocacy and social services over the past 100 years. Looking forward, we shall continue to uphold our purpose of “Enhancement of Life” to serve the community, and create a cohesive and inclusive society.

Past Journey with HKYWCA

In retrospect, with God’s calling, I was elected President of the Association nine years ago. At that time, I considered the appointment to be an enormous challenge in my life, but to my surprise, it turned out to be a blessing in which I experienced the love and power of Christ.

The first thing I did after taking office was searching for the origin of the Association. My search coincided with the preparation for the 90th anniversary celebration conference and events, I realized that the establishment of the Association began with the prayers of our predecessors. With their firm belief in the compassionate spirit of Christ as the foundation of HKYWCA, the Association survived the wars, overcame the adversities and continues to uphold the mission to safeguard women’s rights, advocate for change and serve the underprivileged. The reverence for God shown by our founders inspires and encourages me. The past had been a test on my faith. Still, I have learnt to lay down my burdens to God. I pray and seek for His will and support. By fixing my eyes on Him and closely following His lead, I have the courage to face up to challenges without fear.

I understand that leadership is to serve with humility. As Christ teaches us “not to be served but to serve”, we follow the model of servant leader demonstrated by God and humbly serve Him, as well as people. I have also learnt that leadership does not solely count on personal ability. It depends on the collective strength of all of us who jointly strive toward a common goal as a team, driven by our team spirit. The team of HKYWCA is extraordinary in that we base our core value on compassion, which bonds us together for support and cooperation just like family members.

We are deeply blessed with a team of outstanding staff who love the Association and devoted volunteers who are willing to serve. Through their collaboration and unity in advancing the development of HKYWCA, the Association keeps abreast with times and has launched numerous innovative services which timely respond to the social needs and benefit the community. It is our faith in God’s guidance and support which enables the Association to continuously flourish.

With God’s blessings and presence, I sincerely hope that in the days ahead, all of us will unite as one “to act justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God.” (Micah 6:8), and everything that we do shall glorify our Lord and continue on our mission.

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