President's Remarks (2016/17)

Hong Kong YWCA was established to witness the love of Christ. It is hoped that the Association’s diversified social services would impact upon the lives of the community so that they will be enriched and grow in love.

Upholding the Mission of ‘Enhancement of Life’

The founding of the Association had its unique historical background. Women living in the early 19th century were socially restrained by a conservative male-dominated Chinese society and by traditional Chinese customs. In 1920, four prominent Christian women in Hong Kong who were deeply moved by the Holy Spirit in their prayers, founded the Hong Kong YWCA. With the aim of preaching gospel and providing training for the empowerment of women, our founders began organizing prayer meetings, Bible classes, lecture gatherings and recreational activities for young girls and women which helped to protect women’s dignity, build up their capability as well as to elevate women’s social status. In addition, the Association advocated for women rights such as monogamous marriage, the abolition of bonded maids, equality in education, gender equality, equal pay for men and women, etc.

After 96 years, the Association still upholds her founding mission to develop social services to meet the communities’ needs based on the principle of Christian spirit of compassion and righteousness. We endeavor to attract and recruit talents with different background and expertise to join as our board and committee members, to encourage them to explore their potentials, to complement with each other in solidarity and to uphold the Association’s mission of spreading Christian love by service. Christian values have been promoted in our various services and Christian faith has been spread through our various Christian ministries to bring about the holistic development of our members, volunteers and service recipients.

Affiliating with World YWCA

As a member of the World YWCA, we have been keeping close liaison with various YWCAs in different countries and cities via exchange of service experience, visits, training and international conferences to concertedly promote the YWCA Movement.

In October 2016, the YWCA of Beijing celebrated its 100th anniversary and several celebrative programs were held, which also included a seminar on ‘Social Services of YWCA in Chinese Language Speaking Regions’ co-organized with the National Committee of the YWCAs in China. I led a twelve-member delegation including board members, our Chief Executive and staff members to attend the auspicious event in Beijing. Furthermore, Ms. Yvonne Yeung, Chief Executive was invited to be one of the guest speakers at the seminar on ‘Enhancing the Capability and Efficiency in Serving the Community and Women Effectively’. In addition, our three staff members also shared their experience of good practices in different areas of services. During the year, we were delighted to receive visitors from YWCA of Guangzhou, YWCA of Nanjing and YWCA of Korea which provided the opportunity for us to share experiences and exchange views over the latest development of various social services.

Promoting YWCA Movement

As a Christian organization, we strive to promote YWCA Movement which is composed of three elements: Christian ministry, volunteer service and women service, aiming to further our mission and act as a bridge between the church and society. We launched the ‘YWCA Hub’ tour guide service and related promotional activities where innovative and diversified approaches were used to enhance public understanding of the history of our YWCA Movement and the development of our various social services.

Furthermore, the holding of prayer meetings on Foundation Day and Thanksgiving Gathering for board and committee members and management staff helped strengthening the communication, liaison, solidarity and spirit of unity, and also by praying together and witnessing, it helped to reinforce our vision and Christian values. In order to spread gospels, partnership schemes with different district churches were launched and various district gospel ministries and gospel rallies were held. We also took the effort to help our staff to grow in Christian faith by appointing ‘Y-Fire Ambassadors’ to serve at the workplace. Besides, a series of supportive service projects were also launched to mobilize our staff members, members, volunteers, churches and communities to spread the Christian love through delivering service to the needy people and helped them to lead an abundant life.

For the development of our volunteering service, the Association set up a volunteer appreciation scheme and selection of honorary volunteers was held to honour and commend the volunteers for their distinguished service. At present, our more than 100 volunteer teams have become a considerable force serving the vulnerables in society.

Nurturing young women leaders has always been one of our core services. During the year, the ‘Women Voice: Young Women Leadership Training Program’ has been revamped and it was later renamed as 'Glocal Y' to convey the meaning of ‘think global and act local’, and ‘Glocal Y’ Young Women Leadership Training Program was held with the aim to fostering young women leaders who are interested in social issues, having the confidence to speak up, with independent thinking and international horizon, which is conducive to the talent development for the society.

With God’s grace, we succeeded to attain outstanding achievements in various service development in the past year. I would like to thank all board and committee members, members and volunteers for their staunch support and selfless contributions. I am also grateful to the government departments and partner organizations for their kind cooperation and valuable support. Last but not least, my sincere thanks should go to all staff for their devoted service and diligence in serving the general public. For the future, we shall continue to uphold our purpose of 'enhancement of life', and with your valuable support we shall endeavor to create a cohesive and inclusive society.

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