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HKYWCA helped to beautify the gates of Sham Shui Po old shops

“10 Stories 100 Pieces” programme, under the Association’s Sham Shui Po Integrated Social Service Centre, launched a gate painting project last year, in which teenagers revealed the stories of different old shops by revitalising the metal gates.  

Partnered with an art organisation “Dreamory” and local artists Witty and Bluey, around 40 teenager volunteers were guided to work on the metal gates in Sham Shui Po. They contacted the owners of the shops with long history in the area, and invited them to join the project. The teens worked on the gates, i.e. removed the existing paints on the gates, prepared the base coating, drafted the layout and finally applied colour to the gates, after their ideas were recognized by the shop owners. 

Many old shops’ gates have been revitalized since the launch of the project, including a renowned embroidery shop, a famous grocery store, a well-known photo studio etc. The project enables the new generation to know more about the district and brings vibrancy to the community. 

For those who would like to join our future painting workshop, please visit “10 Stories 100 Pieces” Facebook page for details.

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