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Sydney Leong Holiday Lodge celebrated the 50th anniversary of HKYWCA’s camp site services with Tung Chung’s families

HKYWCA Sydney Leong Holiday Lodge organised an open day for the families living in Tung Chung, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Association’s camp site services.

The Association is honoured to have Ms. Lee Ching, Jessica, Liaison Officer of Islands District Office, Home Affairs Department, Ms. Ng Ting Yan, Assistant Social Work Officer of Central Western, Southern & Islands District Planning & Coordinating Team, Social Welfare Department, Ms. Cheung Kar Yee, Regina, Coordinator of the Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council, Ms. Keung Choi Yin, Service Director of Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Tung Chung Integrated Services, Mr. Tam Chi Wing, Manager of YMCA of Hong Kong, and Ms. Lau Suk Han, Rita, Director of Tung Chung Safe and Healthy City to officiate at the ceremony.

In response to Tung Chung Caring Alliance’s initiative, the Association invited more than 20 families, which consisted of over 60 individuals from Tung Chung to join the celebratory event. Participants took part in the “Sharing, Mind and Enjoyment” workshop to create happy moment together and build positive lifestyle. Also, the camp offered different activities and facilities for the families to explore, e.g. tie-dye, log painting, Dodgebee, archery, sport climbing, outdoor kitchen, etc. Last but not least, people took family photos in the camping zone to record their joyful memory.

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