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Y Senior Care: stand-in for foreign domestic helpers, home-based support and “help to buy” services  

Recently, citizens have been busy maintaining normal life and fighting the epidemic. Spending extra time to take care of the elderly at home can be harsh. The Association’s Y Senior Care hence provides home care services, including stand-in for foreign domestic helpers, home-based support and buying service, for elderly over 60 years old. These services benefit both the elderly and their caretakers.   

Stand-in for foreign domestic helpers
COVID-19 outbreaks and related immigration control prevent some of the foreign domestic helpers to come back to Hong Kong. Affected families can apply for stand-in to care for the elderly temporarily. Other than ordinary caretaking work, the workers will take care of the emotion of the elderly too.

Home-based support
Trainers will visit the elderly at home and conduct training sessions that enhance concentration and logical thinking. Interactive games will bring happiness to the elderly and prevent them from getting bored.

“Help to buy” service
“Help to buy” service assist frail elders to purchase daily necessities, foods, personal care supplies etc., so that they will not easily fall sick because of getting in touch with the virus.

If you are interested in any of the above, please call 2700 1750 for reservation. Make your booking 7 days in advance to secure vacancy.

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