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The Association organised a microfilm competition award ceremony

Sponsored by Women Helping Women Hong Kong, HKYWCA Women Affairs Team held a microfilm competition and award ceremony to show the public stories of single mothers and divorced families, through the hands of the creative youth.

The Association had provided trainings on filming and editing for 29 teams of participants since last November. Eight microfilms were shortlisted for the final awards, which were announced at the ceremony. 
Single moms, divorced families, co-parenting etc. were some of the themes of the competition, and were mentioned in the ceremony. Ms. Wong Po Yi, a member of the Association’s Self-strengthening Club and also one of the judges of the competition presented the certificates to the finalists after sharing her story of being a single mom.

Besides, the Association was glad to have the famous director Mr. Adrian Kwan Shun Fai to be a part of the judging panel. Although he was unable to join the ceremony, he filmed a video to share the tips of making videos - listen more, read more, speak more, practice more and ask more. He encouraged young people to continue the hard work and produce influential videos that can increase public awareness on social problems. 

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