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Bupa and Quality HealthCare joined HKYWCA to send love and care to the elders and their caregivers living in North District

Bupa (Asia) Limited and Quality HealthCare Medical Services Limited supported the Association’s Ellen Li District Elderly Community Centre to organise a series of activities for the elders and their caregivers living in North District. 

The government has been promoting "ageing in place" in recent years and targets to assist elderly to live in the community for as long as possible. However, chronic diseases and impaired mobility limit the circles of life of many elders. The first two events were designed to help elders to re-establish contact with the community.

Volunteers from Bupa and Quality HealthCare accompanied the elders to take part in the DIY workshop and Y Farm tour. They encourage the aged to try making mosquito repellent, scented wax tablet and itching relief balm in the workshop. During the visit to Y Farm, volunteers accompanied the elderly to tour around the farm, participate in farming activities, enjoy the bread they made by themselves, and make bookmarks with leaves. 

Other than the elders, we also understand the pressure faced by the carers. Therefore, we organised another event to commend the caregivers for their hard work and to encourage them to build enjoyable moments with the elders.

Apart from the service users of the Association, elders and carers from seven elderly centres in North District were also invited to join the programme. As it is difficult to go for a long walk with the weak, participants seldom go out and have fun with their family members. With the help from the volunteers, they were happy to visit Lingnan Garden in Mei Foo. The participants and volunteers then joined an award presentation ceremony, in which the caregivers shared tips on taking care of elderly and received medals as a vote of thanks for their continuous attention given to the needy. We also remind the elders to stay positive and be more active in joining social activities. The ceremony, at last, ended with the lovely singing performance by the volunteers. 

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