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HKYWCA Social Enterprises received two awards from Jockey Club Age-friendly City Partnership Scheme

“Jockey Club Age-friendly City Partnership Scheme” was implemented by Jockey Club Charities Trust to encourage different community sectors in building an age-friendly city that can cater for the needs of all ages, and the award presentation ceremony was held earlier. Apart from the City Partnership Scheme Sticker, seven special awards were presented at the ceremony to recognise companies or organisations that demonstrate outstanding performance in promoting an age-friendly culture. Two of HKYCWA Social Enterprises received Our City's Story Award and Age-friendly Collaborator Award.

Y Silver Link won Our City's Story Award for its efforts in implementing age-friendly measures to promote active ageing. Y Silver Link is not only a health products store, but it also provides sale of trendy and practical household and daily living products, health care products and a series of elderly home service for the new elders. It also hires the elders as “Senior Home and Living Consultant” to organise talk and exhibition regularly, and manage the store daily operation. The elder consultant can share their personal experiences on different types of silver products, which cater for the needs of the ageing population. 

NWS Y Care Day Care Centre for the Elderly (North District) obtained Age-friendly Collaborator Award for its contribution in launching age-friendly initiatives and practices that benefit the elders on a sustainable basis. The Centre is funded by NWS Holdings Charities Foundation, and managed and operated by the Association under a social enterprise model. Under the service philosophy of “All-rounded Healthy Life”,  the centre provides one-stop services for elders in North District, including day care, home care service, rehabilitation therapy, health assessment etc., to improve the self-management ability, the living and mental quality of the elders, and also help ease the burden of their caregivers. Rehabilitation bus service is also available for those elders living in remote areas. The impact of the services has further maximized through cross-sector collaboration, like volunteer outreach services which help to strengthen the elders’ connection with the community.  

The Association will continue its work, and join hands with different stakeholders in building Hong Kong an age-friendly city.

For more details about the services, please visit our websites. 

Y Silver Link: http://ysl.ywca.org.hk/ 

NWS Y Care (North District): http://meel.ywca.org.hk/page.aspx?corpname=meel&i=2331

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