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Sinomax organised activities to help elders to review their lives

Sinomax cooperated with the Association to hold a series of activities to send the warmest care to the elders from Sham Shui Po, and rebuild their self-esteem and positive attitude. 
Volunteers organised home visits and sent food and necessities pack to the elders. Not only did they care about the elders’ health, but also collected stories in the past to produce memoirs. Moreover, they accompanied the elder to join a life education workshop at Noah's Ark in Ma Wan. They learnt to appreciate and accept the changes among themselves. The workshop boosted their self-esteem, and reminded them to treasure the present and their families.   

During a gathering in a Chinese restaurant, not only did the volunteers give handmade lip balm to the participants, they also presented the memoirs. The elders found it exciting and fantastic to have a book about them. They were eager to show it to their relatives and friends.  

Thanks to Sinomax and its volunteers for spending time with and making the memoirs for the elders. The participants felt that they are being cared. 

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