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HKYWCA released a “Stay at Home” guide through school network

School suspension has been lasted for over 3 months because of the coronavirus. It brings many challenges to students, parents and teachers. After formulating tips for DSE students and their parents earlier, the Association’s School Social Work Service has recently released another “Stay at Home” guide. 

For Students: Stay @ Home 
Students’ regular hours have been inevitably affected because they no longer need to follow the learning timetable with the closure of schools. Therefore, we suggest tips on studies, family relationship, emotion health, time management and the use of social media to assist students to review and rebuild a healthy lifestyle. 

For Parents: One-Week Parent-child Relationship Kit
Many parents work at home during the closure of school. While time spent together increases, conflicts between parents and children also intensify because of the lack of space, poor time arrangement etc. In order to help maintain good parent-child relationship, we list dos and don’ts in common scenarios at home. 

For Teachers: Care for Yourself 
The unexpected epidemic has greatly disrupted the traditional teaching schedule. Teachers have been stressful as they have to get used to the new online teaching method. We give advices on teaching and personal life e.g. expectation management on students, 3-minute breathing practice, reminder on quality time with family, etc. 

The Association has been working closely with partner schools and providing necessary social work support in the past months. The “Stay at Home” guide has also been sent to students, parents and teachers through the schools’ internal circulation. If you are interested to know more about our advices, feel free to download the files here. We will soon publish another series of tips on school resuming. Please stay tuned.

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