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Join the “Happy Family Camp” at Sydney Leong Holiday Lodge


During the first half of the year, Hong Kong has been in the shadow of the pandemic, and people have practised social distancing by staying at home. HKYWCA’s Sydney Leong Holiday Lodge (“Lodge”) in San Shek Wan, South Lantau Island, was also temporarily closed to meet anti-epidemic regulations. As epidemic situation stabilizes, the Lodge reopens in mid-May and launches the "Happy Family Camp" package, which allows families to enjoy campsite activities with accommodation and meals at a discount price until July 15.

These are two options to choose from: day camp and two days one night camp. For HKD100, each participant can join various activities, such as dodgebee, floor curling, archery, rope net, rock climbing and adventure activities, etc. and enjoy lunch with soup and two dishes. Families of 2 to 8 can join the half-price overnight package, which also offers 3 meals a day, and enjoy stargazing, orienteering or natural tie-dyeing in the evening. 

To safeguard the health of campers, the following preventive measures are taken:

Prior to the check-in
  • Anyone who has travelled outside Hong Kong during the 14 days preceding check-in, or is undergoing quarantine will not be admitted to the campsite
  • All campers are required to fill in the health declaration form
  • No groups of more than 8 people will be admitted
  • Online activity intention form must be submitted for crowd management
  • Campers must bring their own masks
During your stay
  • All campers will be required to have their body temperature taken before check-in and before having breakfast the next day
  • Campers will be given a bottle of alcohol hand rub 
  • Masks must be worn in the campsite and when participating in activities
  • Campers are advised strongly to maintain social distance
  • Staff will wear masks when receiving campers and preparing food
  • 1:99 diluted household bleach will be used to clean public facilities, like drinking fountains, handrails, and door handles, etc. every two hours
  • All equipment and bedding will be thoroughly disinfected before use
  • Washbasins are placed in rooms and public areas to ensure hand hygiene
Only limited vacancies are now available. For more details or reservation, please contact our staff at 2980 2321.

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