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YWCA Jockey Club Family Wellness Centre organised a service user gathering

YWCA Jockey Club Family Wellness Centre has started serving the community since the completion of the Association’s Kowloon Centre rehabilitation project. To celebrate the end of 2018, we organised a Christmas party in December and collected opinions from 90 service users on our services. 

In order to introduce the real meaning of Christmas to the participants, we prepared prayer handbooks and a sharing session to talk about the relationship between Christmas and the birth of Jesus Christ. Afterwards, participants enjoyed the party with face painting, handmade food, lucky draw, etc. They were excited when they received the Christmas gifts.

The participants were also asked to give comments on the new centre, its programme and regular classes. All of them agreed that the environment is comfortable, and complimented the staff on their passion, which helps their children to grow up healthily and happily. 

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