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HOPE Game Mobile App helps dyslexic children learn Chinese

With sponsorship from the Innovation and Technology Fund for Better Living, HKYWCA launches HOPE Chinese Words and Sentences Game Mobile App to help dyslexic children in their learning process. A launching ceremony will be held on April 27, 2019 (Saturday) at HKYWCA Jockey Club Social Service Building, to share the news with education workers, social workers, counselors and parents.

HOPE Chinese Words and Sentences Game Mobile App arouses students’ learning interest with 10 stories, which teach vocabularies, parts of speech and sentence structures. Voice-overs are available to help players to learn pronunciation and are particularly useful for dyslexic children to understand the stories. There are over 400 vocabularies, which are all carefully selected from the Hong Kong Chinese Lexical Lists for Primary Learning. The Association is glad to have Dr. Hui, Sau Yan, Lecturer of Faculty of Education of The University of Hong Kong to be the consultant and proofread the content, to ensure the app suits the players’ needs and helps them master frequently used characters and words. 

Apart from the launching ceremony, two seminars will be held to introduce practical skills in helping children with dyslexia. Dr. Hui will talk about paired reading activities, while Ms. Tang Pik Ki, occupational therapist of the Association will share training techniques on writing that can be done at home. 

For enquiries on HOPE Chinese Words and Sentences Game Mobile App, please contact Ms. Ko at 2691 9170.

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