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Y Care (Yau Yat Chuen) launches playgroups for elders

Y Care Day Care Centre for the Elderly (Yau Yat Chuen) launches a playgroup programme for elders over 60 years old. The programme employs play therapy to let participants achieve their training goals in a fun way.   

Average elders can join the comprehensive playgroup, which provides trainings in seven basic areas, including physical fitness, sensory system, cognition, life skills, social skills, emotion and leisure management. Specific playgroups are available for elders who need trainings in particular area. With the physical fitness playgroup, elders can better control their body movement, equilibrium and muscle, which are critical for falls prevention, and benefit their cardiopulmonary function and health in general. The cognitive training group helps the elders to improve their concentration, memory and problem solving skill. Elders can also join the social skills group to expand their social circles by interacting with other elders and to enhance emotion expression. 

The programme is run by an interdisciplinary team. While the games and activities are designed by the Association’s occupational therapists, physiotherapists and social workers, they will conduct tests and differentiate which playgroup works best for the elders. They will also provide regular reports to the participants and their family members, so that all parties are well-informed of the progress. 

For more details, please call Y Care Day Care Centre for the Elderly (Yau Yat Chuen) at 3443 1686. 

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