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Tele-rehabilitation provides assistance to patients during pandemic

YWCA Jockey Club Y Care Elderly Centre’s tele-rehabilitation allows patients to work on their rehabilitation at home to maintain their rehab progress during novel coronavirus outbreak.  

The centre offers tele-rehabilitation for patients who suffered from stroke, fracture, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, nervous system diseases, chronic diseases etc. After a comprehensive assessment by the Association’s physiotherapist or occupational therapist, a rehabilitation plan will be formulated according to the patient’s need. Patients can then exercise according to the instructions given by the online system and the videos that provide extra guidance on the correct posture. 

Participants can communicate with the therapists on their training and physical condition through the system. Our rehabilitation trainees will also monitor the daily training record to evaluate the progress, and offer home visits if necessary. Moreover, equipment like exercise bands, therapeutic putty, skateboard etc. is available for rent.

Interested parties may return the application form and medical examination report form completed and signed by a registered Western medicine practitioner in Hong Kong to YWCA Jockey Club Y Care Elderly Centre. For enquiry, please call 2700 1730 to contact our staff.    

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