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“NWS Career Navigator For Youth” is awarded the Outstanding Partnership Project Award in Caring Company Scheme 2019/20

“NWS Career Navigator For Youth”, co-organised by NWS Holdings Limited and HKYWCA, is awarded the Outstanding Partnership Project Award in Caring Company Scheme 2019/20, to recognise the positive changes it has brought to the community.    

“NWS Career Navigator For Youth” is a cross-sector collaboration which involves the business sector, community and schools to provide career planning services to high school students in Tsuen Wan and Kwai Tsing District. The Association’s Career Development & Continuing Education Department, and Youth & Community Service Department design a series of career planning activities for the participants, including corporate visits, job shadowing, mock interviews etc. Thanks to NWS’s diversified businesses, participates are able to learn about different industries and hence unlock their imagination on career prospects. They can better prepare once they set goals for their future.

Besides, it is difficult to organise career planning programmes at school if teachers lack knowledge of different industries. Therefore, teachers are given training sessions to gain up-to-date information and explore actual working environment, hoping to offer more suitable advices for the students with their firsthand experience. The Association also meets representatives from NWS and participating schools regularly, and formulates appropriate programmes that meet the needs of the school and the students in different stages. 

The Association is thankful for being invited to take part in “NWS Career Navigator For Youth”, to help youngsters and to nurture future pillars for the society. 

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