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Hang Seng Bank decorated the Home for the Elderly to celebrate Christmas

Volunteers from Hang Seng Bank decorated Cheng Pon Hing Care & Attention Home for the Elderly and organised a Christmas party. 

The team of volunteer set up a beautiful 2-meter-high Christmas tree in the reception area and used a variety of Christmas ornaments, including Santa Claus, caribous, snowmen, Christmas tree, bells etc. to decorate the centre. After finishing the decoration, volunteers played mini games with elders. They also sang some popular songs from the 70’s and 80’s. Some elders sang along while some of them danced with the volunteers. At last, a volunteer pretended to be Santa Claus to give out gift packs with daily necessities, healthy drinks and bird's nest products to the elderly. 
Thanks to Hang Seng Bank and the volunteers for organising the event, to provide care and festive fun to the elders. 

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