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We need your support for Gold Flag donation!

The donation from Flag Day has been an important source of income for the Association’s self-financed services. Many a little makes a mickle, especially at this time of economic adversity. However, in view of the volatility of the epidemic, the Association has decided to cancel the outdoor flag selling event for the safety and health of the public and the volunteers. Yet, people in need are still queueing to be assisted. We, therefore, urge for your support to the Gold Flag campaign which offers us an alternative to raise funds for the service users. 

There are 18 pieces of stickers on the Gold Flag, in 9 different designs which represent the Association's services over the century. The donation will go to our self-financed services, including Y Family, Y Care, Y Plus+ and Y Evergreen. 

Donation Methods
You can complete the donation form online (https://bit.ly/2WaayRz) or download the form here

A. FPS Faster Payment System
Please send us the FPS record, indicating "Gold Flag Donation", by email / by post / through Whatsapp. 
FPS Account No.: 3468170
Account Name: Hong Kong Young Women’s Christian Association

B. By Bank in or Transfer
Please send us the bank deposit/transfer record, indicating "Gold Flag Donation", by email / by post / through Whatsapp. 
Hang Seng Bank 280-178559-001
The Bank of East Asia 015-514-40-05153-5

C. By Cheque
Please send us a crossed cheque payable to “Hong Kong Young Women’s Christian Association”, and indicate your name, contact number and "Gold Flag Donation" on its back.

Mailing Address: Communication and Resources Development Department, Room 208, 1 MacDonnell Road, Central, Hong Kong
Whatsapp: 9720 8789

You are most welcome to share information of our Gold Flag campaign in social media or through word-of-mouth recommendations. For any enquiry, please call 3476 1311 to contact our Communication and Resources Development Department. 

Remarks: The Director of Social Welfare has given approval to three organisations to conduct regional flag sale in Hong Kong Island region, Kowloon region and the New Territories region respectively on 4 July, 2020 and HKYWCA is authorised to sell flags in Kowloon on that day.

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