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The Association shared tips on class resumption for parents with young kids

The Association’s Jockey Club Tin Shui Wai Family Wellness Centre organised a workshop to share tips for parents with kindergarten kids, help them to adjust the daily schedule of their kids and adapt to school life after class resumption. 

The Association’s social worker shared potential emotional reactions of kids that may arise from class resumption, including excitation, expectation, tension, worry, anxiety etc., parents are advised to accept kids’ reaction and guide the kids the proper ways to handle their emotions when calm down. Besides, some mini games were prepared, e.g. pick up schoolbag with kid and show the difference between go to school and just go out, also some picture books with the theme of back to school were introduced and encourage parents to conduct paired reading with kids. In addition, a picture book issued by the centre was recommended to assist parents to teach the kids the importance of wearing face mask. The video version has been uploaded at the centre’s Facebook, please feel free to visit for more details. 

At last, a role play session was arranged to understand how parents deal with their kids under different scenarios at home and advices were given to participants. Parents had the first-hand experiences to understand more about the feeling of their kids and how to properly handle their emotions.   

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