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HKYWCA and Elite Athletes visited the underprivileged

Hong Kong Elite Athletes Association (HKEAA) and HKYWCA co-organised “Together We Care 2018”. 1,600 volunteers including a number of elite athletes, e.g. Asian Games 2018 Jakarta Palembang medalists, e.g. Nicholas Edward Choi (Fencing), Tim Law (Triathlon), Lui Lai Yiu (Athletics), etc. visited 2,500 elders and low income families in 15 districts. They did not only present food and necessities to the needy, but also sent their warm blessings by showing concerns to the families’ needs. 

The Association continued to emphasise the value of “Just‧Simple” through the programme this year. It encouraged an unadorned life to reduce waste. Volunteers took up the responsibility to promote environmental friendly concepts, and by serving the people in need, help alleviate poverty.

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