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From five senses to relaxation, Elderly Service Department join hands to fight the epidemic


In response to the development of the coronavirus, most of the community facilities have been temporarily closed, causing some elderly who often use the facilities to change their daily habits and even stay at home for a long time to reduce the risk of infection. Long-term home isolation not only affects the emotions of the elderly but also increases the pressure on caregivers. In order to keep the elders with good living habits and relieve the caregivers’ frustration, the Association’s Elderly Service Department has produced the "3-in-1 Comfort Caring" (hereinafter "3-in-1") with a personal donation.

Being the first part of “3-in-1”, Five-Sense Training consists of ten fun mini-games, of which the props are common at home, and can be easily found. Elderly needs to hang socks on a clothesline with clothespins or clamp them on the caregiver's clothes, to train their fine motor skills and strength controlling ability. Caregivers can also keep a cheerful mood and enhance their relationship with the elderly. The second part is about maintaining regular lifestyle, such as keeping contact with friends and family with the help of technology like video calls. This can avoid the shrinkage of their social circles. The user feedback is good. There is one comment about life which has been dull because of home isolation becoming interesting again with “3-in-1”.

Except caring for the elderly, we are also aware of the pressure faced by the caregivers. The last part of "3-in-1" suggests caregivers to implement breathing exercise and mindfulness walking training every day to pace oneself. 

To make the "3-in-1 Comfort Caring" more comprehensible, we invited a volunteer to demonstrate the games. The text and video versions of the content have been uploaded to the Internet and are available to download now!

1. Five-Sense Training 
    Text versions: http://bit.ly/39fm1Dw

2. WE WANT - Care and Life Balance

3. Relaxation Exercises
    a. Breathing Exercise
        YouTube: https://youtu.be/Xs-b5J6XO-s

    b. Mindfulness Walking Training 
        YouTube: https://youtu.be/xlxA6dX_DjI

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