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“#FutureMaker Computer Science Fun Day” unleashed students’ digital capabilities

Microsoft Hong Kong launched “#FutureReady Month” and invited HKYWCA to co-organise the “#FutureMaker Computer Science Fun Day”, aiming to arouse students’ curiosity, and cultivated stronger computational thinking and coding skills. 

120 students from different primary and secondary schools participated in the event. With the guidance of the Microsoft HK volunteers, the participants visited Microsoft office to learn about how technologies facilitate the work of the staff. Students were introduced, in the seminar and the Microsoft AI showcase, with the latest technology, the future trend, and the possibilities of applying technologies in daily life. As the students had never engaged in computer coding, they were excited about the programming workshop. After the thorough briefing by the tutor, they made use of their creativity and came up with simple programmes.

With all sort of interesting and novel activities, the Fun Day inspired the participants to learn more about computer science. It also enhanced students’ computational thinking and problem-solving skill. The Association appreciated Microsoft HK’s vision in organising the “#FutureMaker Computer Science Fun Day”. It was a great experience for the next generation to prepare themselves for the digital transformation. 

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