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The Association organised “Play with Kids” online programmes to enrich children’s lives at home

The Association’s Butterfly Bay Integrated Social Service Centre organised “Play with Kids” programmes to offer interesting and meaningful online activities for children aged between 5 and 8. 

We would like the children to develop reading habit and hence organised a paired reading activity. It can help children learn and enhance their concentration. Regular exercise is also important during lockdown. Therefore, we demonstrated simple exercises that can be carried out even at home where limited space is available. Other drawing and DIY workshops enabled the kids to be creative and express themselves freely. Although the children were not seeing each other face-to-face, all of them were engaged in the programmes.

Classes of upper kindergarten have not yet resumed. Even after resumption, life can be harsh for young kids who will need to admit to primary schools in the coming school year. To help this group of children to better prepare, we invited some young volunteers to share fun things at school and reminders on how to adapt to primary school life. 

HKYWCA Butterfly Bay Integrated Social Service Centre will continue to organise online and offline activities in the summer. Please visit the centre’s website for updates. 

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