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Hang Seng volunteers made floral soaps with children

Hang Seng Bank and the Association’s Handmade 38C co-organised a floral soap DIY workshop for 20 children from Lok Wah Integrated Social Service Centre.

Volunteers arrived early to learn the skills of making soap and handling dried flowers. When the children saw the beautiful dried flowers, they were very excited and wanted to start working immediately. Guided by the volunteers, the children made their own soap step by step. They learned to measure and mix the ingredients, matched dried flowers in different colours and put them on the soap carefully. The children concentrated on every single step, in order to make a perfect product. 

HKYWCA is thankful that the Hang Seng Bank’s volunteer team joined us and spent time with the children. It looks like an easy task to make a piece of soap. However, it is actually a challenge for the children as they need to have good hand-eye coordination. Without the help and encouragement from the volunteers, the children would not be able to focus on the process and enjoy the afternoon.

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