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PARKnSHOP and supermarkets place donation boxes to raise fund for the Association

A.S. Watson Group has been supporting HKYWCA for a long time. From April 23 to May 22, donation boxes will be placed at all PARKnSHOP supermarkets, INTERNATIONAL, TASTE, FUSION, GOURMET, GREAT, FOOD LE PARC and SU-PA-DE-PA to raise fund for our elderly services. Every penny you donate will bring love and care to the needy. 

Founded 100 years ago, HKYWCA has now developed into a diversified social service organisation. During the coronavirus pandemic, the Association cares for the public and sends disease prevention goods and groceries to elderly and underprivileged families. We are grateful for the public’s support throughout the years, and hope that you will continue to back us during this hard time for all. 

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