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Lecture tour on diabetes to promote healthy diet

Diabetes is one of the most common chronic diseases in Hong Kong and its complications can be fatal. Before drug prescription, patients can actually prevent deterioration by changing their diet and exercise habit. To raise elderly’s awareness of diabetes, HKYWCA Elderly Service Department joined hands with Hong Kong Peace Lions Club and the Chinese Cheongsam Association (HK) to organise a lecture tour to promote the "3L1H Healthy Diet" and distribute anti-epidemic gift bags with masks to the participants. 

The lectures were held in turn at the three elderly centers on the same day, and diabetics were invited to attend. Ms. Maggie Cheung, Immediate Past President of Hong Kong Peace Lions Club, explained the causes and control methods of diabetes, and introduced the "3L1H Healthy Diet", which means low fat, salt, sugar and high fiber. Participants were also recommended to use cooking methods that requires less oil and seasonings like steaming and boiling, to replace frying. The content is designed to be clear and concise, in order to let the elderly understand the importance of healthy diet. Participants also received anti-epidemic gift bags from Dr. Fanny Wu, MH., Founding President of the Chinese Cheongsam Association (HK) and the volunteers.

The Association would like to express our gratitude to the two institutions for organising such lecture tour and offering 150 gift packs to the participants, to bring the concept of healthy living into the community. 

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