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Community Service Partnership Scheme designed furniture for the underprivileged

Urban Renewal Authority (URA) invited the Association’s Western District Integrated Social Service Centre to co-organise the Community Service Partnership Scheme (CSPS). In the hope of promoting environmental protection and sustainable development, volunteers from The University of Hong Kong (HKU) helped to design furniture for the underprivileged families we served in the Central and Western District. 

HKYWCA worked with HKU’s Architectural Society to conduct the Upcycling Project and help 13 grassroots families to enhance their living environment. The students visited the families and listened to their needs. With the professional opinions from URA architect volunteers, they tailor-made useful furniture e.g. shoes cabinets, television benches, bookcases, storage stool etc. out of wooden waste material. All pieces of work were displayed to show the public how to make good use of a cramped area. 

Apart from the Upcycling Project, the Association provided dance classes, basketball games, camping activity, community fun day etc. to enhance family cohesion, build a caring community network and raise awareness on environmental protection.

An appreciation ceremony was held earlier. 15 service users from the Association performed and showcased what they had learnt from the programme. The furniture was sent to their new owners after the exhibition and ceremony, and was believed to be effective in improving living condition. 

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