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“Fighting Against COVID-19 with Love” resolved deprived families’ needs with goodie bags and home-based training kits

Under the influence of the epidemic, many local grassroots families have to deal with extra financial burden. Parent-child relationship is also prone to problems as parents generally spend more time to take care of their children who do not need to go to school. Therefore, HKYWCA launched the “Fighting Against COVID-19 with Love” project in May. On top of food and hygiene supplies, it provided vulnerable families “home-based training kits” that facilitated effective parent-child home training.

Via the Association’s three Family Wellness Centres, ten Integrated Social Service Centres, and some partner schools, the project gave away goodie bags and home-based training kits to 500 grassroots families, most of which have children with special educational needs (SEN). The goodie bags were packed with food, surgical masks, sanitizers, and a stress ball that helped parents to relieve stress. 


During school closures, parents have to seek a balance between being a teacher and a parent. With the teaching materials and tools in the home-based training kits, parents can better grasp the skills in conducting training for their children. The Association’s social workers also provided assistance through the Internet, video calls and WhatsApp to parents to use the teaching materials effectively, and to improve the mood of the children. Many parents shared that these materials greatly enhanced their parent-child relationship.

To ease the tension for families with SEN kids who are going to enter primary school, HKYWCA has prepared three videos to explain how parents can help their children to cope with the change in environment. These videos have been released through Y SENse Facebook and YouTube channel.

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