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HKYCWA youth band After Later performed in a charity concert

The Association’s youth band After Later was invited to perform in a charity concert, which aimed to promote a world “with no disregard”. 

After Later is a band with 5 members including Mr. Mak Kwan Yin and Mr. Ng Chiu Yeung, guitarist, Mr. So Kam Fung, bassist, Mr. Fan Yik Moon, percussionist and Mr. Lo Ze Ke, vocalist, who met each other during an event organised by the Association. Because of their love for music, they formed a band in 2013 and shared the belief that no matter how hard the reality is, one should never forget one’s aspiration. Other than covering pop songs, they also produce original songs focused on the lives of the youth. After Later performed the first work written by themselves during the concert. They also collaborated with a member of the Direction Association For the Handicapped for two songs. Their marvelous performance met with loud applause from the audience.      

LUA Foundation organised 1.28 Policy Donation Charity Concert cum World Policy Donation day to encourage the public to donate a certain percentage of the sum insured for charity purpose. 1% from everyone will make a large sum of funding for the needy. After Later was happy to be a part of this meaningful event.

The Association is one of the supporting organizations of "LifeCare Movement": 

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