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Watsons Water organised beach cleaning activity to educate children about environmental protection

Watsons Water volunteer team worked with HKYWCA to organise a beach cleaning activity for primary school students in Tuen Mun, to educate them about environmental protection.
The volunteer team and children went to Clear Water Bay Second Beach in Sai Kung and were shocked that it was defiled by a rubbish dump. Plastic bottles, plastic bags, polystyrene, food packaging paper, etc. were all over the beach. The participants filled garbage bags with the rubbish they collected, and mentioned that it required a lot of effort to clean the beach up, and hence understood the importance of reducing waste at source.

After cleaning the beach, volunteers showed the kids a Green Point Smart Water Bottle Reverse Vending Machine launched by Watsons Water. Volunteers explained the usage of the vending machine and encouraged the children to reduce waste by recycling empty water bottles with capacity of 1.8L or below.

The Association would like to thank Watsons Water for organising this meaningful event. It taught the primary school students to take practical actions to reduce waste at source in order to protect the natural environment. 

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