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AngeLINK mobile app builds electronic “memoir” for elderly

AngeLINK, a mobile application developed by HKYWCA’s Elderly Service Department, is now available for download! The interactive platform allows the elderly to construct an electronic “memoir”, which can be exported in a movie format, and let them review with their relatives. 

Its simple interface makes the app easy to use. Elders can build their unique memoirs by answering built-in questions, regarding birth date, home town, personal interests and hobbies, and certain in-depth sharing during different stages of life. The app also supports the upload of photos and videos, which makes the memoir more flexible and attractive. Several photo albums were ready to use. More can be added according to one’s experience.

AngeLINK emphasises the involvement of the users’ family members, as we would like to increase the communication between the elderly and their relatives. The younger generation will be able to know what their older relatives went through, and how they think and what they wish, by helping to construct the memoir. To facilitate the elderly to have greater access to technology, the app will be connected to other social media platform, allowing friends and relatives to view, comment, and give “Like” to the memoir.

The Association received funding support from the Funding Scheme for Digital Inclusion Mobile Apps initiated by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer last year. With eight months’ hard work, AngeLINK is now available for free download from both iTunes and Google Play.

iOS download: https://goo.gl/pE5tbp
Android download: https://goo.gl/KzzJ27
Download by QR code:

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