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HKYWCA organised HOPE Game Mobile App launching ceremony cum seminar

With sponsorship from the Innovation and Technology Fund for Better Living, the Association launches HOPE Game Mobile App and organised a ceremony cum seminar earlier to announce release. We shared with education workers, social workers, counselors and parents how dyslexic children can be helped.

We are pleased to have Ms. Wong Wai Tze, Loretta, CEO of Innovation and Technology Fund for Better Living, Dr. Hui, Sau Yan, Lecturer of Faculty of Education of The University of Hong Kong, Ms. Helena To, HKYWCA’s President, Ms. Lee Shuk Ying, Helen, Chairperson of HKYWCA’s Information Technology Development Committee and Ms. Tse Wai Fun, Stella, Vice-chairperson of HKYWCA’s Social Service Committee to be the officiating guests. Ms. To appreciated the support from different parties to make the mobile app launching successfully, “we are grateful to the sponsorship from the Innovation and Technology Fund for Better Living, our consultant Dr. Hui for helping us to proofread the learning materials, and the group of dyslexic children who tested the programme.” She hoped the app can assist the needy in learning Chinese. 

The content and usage of the mobile app was introduced to the participants in the ceremony. Ten interactive stories that incorporate texts, pictures and voice-overs are available to arouse children’s interest. The app also teaches vocabularies, parts of speech and sentence structures by using the concept of learning in context. Participants were invited to download the app and try the games together, which they enjoyed a lot. 

After the ceremony, two seminars were arranged to further discuss how dyslexic children can be assisted. Dr. Hui shared tips with examples to let participants grasp the essence of paired reading activities. Ms. Tang Pik Ki, occupational therapist of the Association pointed out that simply games with elastic bands, paper clips and dot-connecting practice are handy trainings that can be done at home to improve the perceptual motor skills of the children. She also demonstrated how multi-sensory learning could improve children's writing skills with the help of their parents.

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