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Hang Seng volunteers exercised with the elders to stay healthy


Hang Seng volunteers joined the elders for a floor curling workshop, to promote regular exercises. 

Evolved from the Winter Olympic sport curling, floor curling emphasises teamwork, and is for all ages and abilities. The volunteers and elders practised under the instruction of the coach from Hong Kong Floor Curling Association. During the match, the volunteers encouraged the elders to try. They also assisted elders with lower ability to complete the hardest movement, so that everyone was able to have fun. Under the influence of the energetic volunteers, the elders gained vitality and were keen on the game. They supported each other and even suggested winning strategies for the team.  

Thanks to Hang Seng Bank volunteer team for spending time and doing exercise with the elderly. The elders enjoyed the sport, and developed a stronger social network through the activity. 

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