Strategic Development
Following the “Four Bold Steps” Strategic Plan launched in 2012, the Association initiated its second “Bold Steps” Strategic Plan in 2016, where the following six goals were set up and the Association’s development of the coming five years was envisaged, so as to realize the mission of the Association by promoting its sustainable development to meet future challenges. 

Corporate Governance and Board Succession
Good corporate governance can enhance the efficiency, credibility and sustainability of an organisation. We endeavor to identify and nurture young talents with competence and expertise to join the YWCA leadership. Besides formulating a comprehensive management succession plan, we also step up effort to enhance the composition of the Board and Committee, in order to fully utilize the expertise of existing directors and foster the Association’s sustainable development.

YWCA Movement
As a pioneer of women organisation, we pay great attention to the needs of women, endeavor to promote gender equalities and develop our unique style of YWCA movement. We are eager to identify and cultivate women with potentials and train them as leaders to work together with the Association to construct a society with mutual respect between genders, with focus on “Support”, “Advocacy”, “Participation” and “Capacity Building”.

Ageing in Place

In response to an ageing population, we are committed to providing services catered for the elderly. By employing a flexible and diverse mode of service delivery, we proactively promote community-based elderly services and cross-sector collaboration, with the aim of enhancing the service impact of our elderly service and living quality of the elderly despite resources constraint and turning Hong Kong a truly age-friendly community. 

Supporting Disadvantaged and Grassroots Families
The Association has been making vigorous efforts to develop the family-based rehabilitation service for children with special educational needs (SEN). With the whole family as the intervention target and entry point, we conduct family consultation and assessment on their service needs. Besides providing SEN children with opportunities for positive multi-dimensional development and nurturance, we also address the emotional wellbeing of parents and spousal relationship. Support network will be established for their families to achieve public understanding and acceptance as well as social inclusion. 

Youth Empowerment and Development Opportunities
The Association strives to facilitate youngsters to get familiar with the workplace, inspire their vocational aspiration and encourage them to formulate action plans with a positive attitude in the hope of achieving a smooth transition from school to employment. Through diversified programs including cross-sector collaboration, students are provided with opportunities for life planning and exploration. We also collaborate with enterprises in developing various youth employment programs to better prepare the youngsters for their future career. 

Organisation Capacity Building and Sustainability
The Association makes every effort to enhance the long-term talent development and the application of information technology. Besides trainings, seminars and overseas visits, “Leadership Competence Assessment” was conducted to explore the potential of staff and facilitate them in setting long-term objectives for future advancement. “YWCA Mentorship Program” was introduced to prepare the Association for its future planning and succession. We also reinforce the use of technology in service management to create the impetus for organisational development.

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