Board of Directors

(1) Since 2000, the Hong Kong Young Women’s Christian Association has started to promote institutional reform and modernization, aiming to implement corporate governance and enhance work efficiency. As a responsible social service organization, the YWCA has been dedicated to promoting corporate governance, formulating clear guidelines and establishing highly-efficient management and decision-making framework so that we can follow a strategic direction to achieve the expected outcome and efficient supervision services. Being willing to envisage challenges and having the courage to change and to keep abreast of the times are the keys to success for the present social service organizations. The Association, in the decade of institutional reform and modernization, has never slacked off but only proceeded to the investigation and review of optimizing our management. In 2010, we have compiled our new Handbook of Corporate Governance and held conferences and training for the directors, the management team and other staff so that they can grasp the concepts of corporate governance for a sustainable and efficient development of the Association.

(2) Election System of the Directors
Dated back to 1938, the Association has offered the Assembly of Members the supreme authority to elect the directors by voting. The Board of Directors will then elect the President and the executive committee members. The President will also appoint the Chairs of different committees and organize committees to design plans for association affairs. Every year, the term of office of around one-third of the directors of the Association expires. Vacancies will be filled by those who are elected by the voting members.

(3) 2019-2020 Directors' List

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