Chief Executive's Report (2017/18)

Hong Kong YWCA has been committed to serving the communities in the Christian spirit and launching pioneering services to aptly respond to social changes. The “Bold Steps” Strategic Plan was formulated to enhance organizational capacity building to deal with future challenges.

Facilitating the Strategic Development

To drive an organization to realize its mission and timely address the social needs, formulating clear goals for its future development is of significant importance. This year, the Association implemented its second “Bold Steps” Strategic Plan in 2016-2020 where the following goals were set up, including corporate governance and board succession, YWCA Movement, ageing in place, supporting disadvantaged and grassroots families, youth empowerment and development opportunities, and organizational capacity building and sustainability, in order to fully enhance the social impact and organizational capacity building of the Association.

YWCA Movement

YWCA Movement is always regarded as the core of our services. To advance its three components, namely the Christianity Movement, Women Movement and Membership Movement, in addition to the implementation of “YWCA Movement Guideline”, we enriched the content of “YWCA.Hub” and staff orientation program to manifest the YWCA Movement in an interactive and diversified manner. Besides, major initiatives including “Condensation.Light.Love” evangelistic communal service project, “Simple.Just” volunteering scheme, “Hong Kong Outstanding WomenVolunteer Election” and “Glocal Y” have been launched to promote the YWCA Movement in full scale.

Ageing in Place

In response to the emerging needs derived from an ageing population, the Association endeavors to promote community based elderly services and build an age-friendly community to achieve ageing in place. The “Aging in Place Service Platform” has been developed to enhance cross-sector collaboration and achieve greater synergy. For example, the “Dementia Community Support Scheme” adopts a medical-social collaboration model to provide training and support to the seniors diagnosed with dementia and their caregivers. The Association also actively promotes the use of gerontechnology in enhancing the living quality of the seniors. Online e-health platforms such as “Community eHealth Care Project” and “Path to Vitality & Vibrancy (PathVV)” were introduced to encourage the elderly people to establish a healthy lifestyle. AngeLINK mobile app has been launched to assist them in producing their life journals and fostering closer ties with their families. The Association also participated in the Gerontech and Innovation Expo cum Summit in Hong Kong to exhibit the application of innovative technology in elderly service.

Supporting Disadvantaged and Grassroots Families

The Association advocates providing young children with multidimensional services based on the “family-based” concept. “Y Seeds”, our on-site pre-school rehabilitation service has successfully completed its first phase this year and becomes part of our regular services subsidized by the government. More children with special educational needs and their families will thereby receive inter-disciplinary on-site support in school and community. “Walk Along with Families” seminar was also organized to share the positive impact of “Y-Flight” project and the intervention experiences, including sharing of parents and volunteers, and experiential workshops of home-based training. Besides, funded by the Innovation and Technology Fund for Better Living, the mobile app “HOPE Chinese Words & Sentences Game” has been developed to facilitate the Chinese learning of children with dyslexia.

Youth Empowerment and Development Opportunities

The Association continues to promote the corporate partnership and create platform to connect employers and the youth. With the invitations by Barclays and Microsoft HK, we have launched the one-year programs which offered pre-employment training on soft skills and information technology. We also cooperated with the Wharf’s “Project WeCan” to organize the “Shape Our Future: WeCan! Career Exploration Day”, which came to a success with the collaboration of the government, corporates and community. The future planning of the youth was facilitated through various job tasting programs. Besides, by operating two “Youth Employment Start (Y.E.S.)” centers and hosting the “Say YES To Work Youth Employment cum Summer Job Recruitment Expo”, youth employment is enhanced through career counseling and training.

Organizational Capacity Building and Sustainability

The Association makes every effort to enhance the long-term talent development and planning. Besides training and seminars, staff participated in overseas visits to understand the social service development in different regions. “Leadership Competence Assessment” was conducted to explore the potential of staff and facilitate them in setting long-term objectives for future advancement. “YWCA Mentorship Program” was also introduced to prepare the Association for its future planning and succession. For the application of information technology, the “Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System” which was officially launched in the Association this year remarkably enhances the efficiency of handling centre operation, service planning and management, and forges closer relationship with our stakeholders. Besides, the Association participated in the “JPMorgan Chase Service Corps Program”, in which management staff from JPMorgan Chase developed the business continuity plan and disaster recovery plan for the our central administrative and Y Hospitality departments, with the aim of reinforcing our abilities on crisis management and disaster recovery, so as to increase standard on risk management.

Amid various obstacles and difficulties, it was everyone who had walked along with the Association enabled us to overcome the challenges facing us. I am especially grateful for the board, committee and staff members who have devoted their valuable professional knowledge, effort, passion and wisdom. Looking forward, I sincerely hope that the Association will continue to embody the Christian spirit in its various services by firmly upholding its mission, and unite with different sectors to flexibly respond to the demand of society with a keen sense of its changes and development.

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