Our Blue Triangle Movement (or the YWCA Movement), which is the weighty foundation and system of the HKYWCA, includes the Christianity Movement, the Membership Movement and the Women’s Movement. We have particularly established the Membership Affairs Department to promote the Membership Movement.

What is the Membership Movement?
  1.  The Membership Movement implies that the HKYWCA is a movement which never stands still. This is like a rotating wheel that can be led to a destination.
  2.  The diversification of services and ministries of the Association acts like a train of interlocking coaches on the same railway, heading to the same destination.
  3.  With divine guidance and direction, members inside different “coaches,” or are “on board” at different time or places, still advance to the same direction (implied in the objectives, motto and emblem of the HKYWCA). They will take up different amount and level of responsibility to facilitate the association affairs according to their posts.
The Membership Movement :
Striding forward the serving objectives of the YWCA

With “Enhancement of Life” as our ultimate goal, the Association has established over 70 working units to provide diversified ministries, activities and services which allow every department and unit to cooperate interactively and every participant to grow and develop. We have clearly stated the objectives of the YWCA in our constitutions: “The purpose of the Association is to advance the spiritual, mental, physical and social welfare of women to promote their growth in Christian character and to cultivate Christian spirit of fellowship and service. ”

The YWCA emblem, the Blue Triangle, marks the importance of the cultivation of:
  • Moral development (a spirit filled with truths);
  • Intellectual development (positive and proactive thinking);
  • Physical development (a healthy body and mind); and,
  • Social development (a harmonious relationship with others)
  • of our members.
If an individual can have an all-round development in the four areas, he/she can lead an abundant life filled with truths, joyfulness and peace, in rich contribution to our society through both talents and virtues.
A complete enhancement system for members
The Association welcomes all Hong Kong residents to become our members. The objective of the Membership Affairs Department is to reinforce the members’ understanding of the YWCA movements, hence enriching their sense of belonging to our association. The setting up of this department also encourages the members to devote their time and endeavor to contribute their strengths to facilitate the affairs of the YWCA movements. They may be invited to take part in the council affairs, represent the Association to attend local or international conferences or work out policies for the ministries.

Our members can begin their participation at different stages and start growing in and contributing to the YWCA. The duty and responsibility at different stages also vary.

Each department provides our members with various goals and modes of training at different stages, which help our members to strive for opportunities and resources that enrich their experience in intercultural exchange and broaden their horizons.
With the love of Christ and the spirit of the Blue Triangle, the YWCA aims to help our members to foster wholesome personalities and integrity so that they can become a whole person with global perspectives, positive minds and emulation, who can contribute to our society and benefit the multitude.
We endeavor to lead our Association:
  1. To help our members in moral, intellectual, physical and social development;
  2. To advance the growing stages of our members and the development of association affairs;
  3. To bring in new bloods, nurturing young women leaders;
  4. To provide recreational activities, training up our members with physical strength and fitness;
  5. To broaden our members’ horizons through the network established by the World YWCA.
We believe that:
  1. Wholesome personalities and integrity can be fostered and developed;
  2. Physical strength and fitness can facilitate efficiency and effectiveness;
  3. Young women leaders can lead social developments;
  4. Inter-cultural awareness can broaden our members’ horizons;
  5. Modern technology can establish and consolidate the members’ network worldwide.

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