Needs of Society
  1. Despite that an improvement in Hong Kong’s economic environment has led to a drop in the unemployment rate, the time is still hard for youngsters between the ages of 15 and 24, of which the 15-19 age group is being hit the hardest. There are more unemployed teenage men than women.
  2. Surveys show that youngsters’ performance in interview preparation, interviewing skills and sustainable employment is poor. More comprehensive and practical trainings are needed.
  3. Youngsters who are unemployed are, more often than not, also those who are low-educated, low-skilled and low-motivated. What they need are more opportunities for pre-employment training and internship to help them compete in the labor force.
  4. The rapid economic growth in the Chinese Mainland has created development opportunities for talents in Hong Kong. However, the low-educated and low-skilled youngsters do not benefit from this. They need more local employment opportunities.
  5. Hong Kong’s rich-poor gap is widening. Only when youngsters sustain in their employment can they rely on themselves financially and stand a better chance to lift themselves out of poverty.

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