What is Family Wellness?

“Family wellness” is a continuous social campaign emphasizing on the exercising of family function, mutual care and connection among members and acceptance of each other’s differences and uniqueness. It allows the realization of family inner resources, potentials and positive characters which facilitates personal and family development and the coping with challenges and crisis.
With reference to the article by the American scholar, Dr. John DeFrain (1999), Family Wellness Centre is committed to the promotion of 6 “Family Wellness Vitamins,” which include:
Vitamin A Appreciation & Affection -
“To understand family needs from each other’s perspective and express love and care with words and actions, along with an appreciation of family members’ strengths and acceptance of their weaknesses.”
Vitamin C Commitment -
“Take family seriously, commit to family duties, and strive to support family.”
Vitamin E Enjoyable Time Together -
“Spend time with family and join family activities. Enjoy pleasant time together.”
Vitamin P Positive Communication -
“Willing to communicate with family and express oneself properly, take each other’s point of view, opinions and feelings seriously.”
Vitamin R Resilience -
“With an open attitude to accept changes and willingness to face the opportunities and challenges brought about by adversities together, to turn crises to chances and growth together.”
Vitamin S Spiritual Well-being -
“Possessing common belief and value system in family helps to connect each member.”
Note: The above definition and following introduction of real life examples are both based on the quality research results of the “Hong Kong Family Wellness Quality Scale” conducted by our centre from May to September, 2008.

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