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Support women and families through the journey of life
Winter 2012
The Promotion of Prosperous Ageing Cultivated a Fruitful Result
Summer 2012

Spring 2012 
Corporate Luncheon 2012

Collaborating with Corporate Partners,
Cultivating Care and Love and Enlightening Lives
Winter 2012 
Sustainable Development of Family Wellness Services
To Light Up Our Lives
Summer 2011 
HKYWCA Caring for Hong Kong | Social Services Catering to People
Kowloon Centre In Tune with the Times
Spring 2011
Working Together to Promote Social Responsibility at
Corporate Luncheon 2011
December 2010
Caring for the Hong Kong Community for 90 Years 
Creating the Future by Fulfilling our Mission
June 2010
Our Common Concern - 
Youth Development
March 2010
Caring for the Hong Kong Community for 90 Years
Creating the Future by Fulfilling our Mission
December 2009 The Third Hug Families Charity Walk Over 1,000 People Demonstrated Together the Power of "Hugs"
August 2009 Youth can "Say YES to Work" Through Appropriate Training and Family Support
May 2009 Women and Families: Challenging in a changing world
February 2009 The Hong Kong Y.W.C.A. Sydney Leong Holiday Lodge offers brand new family camping service
October 2008 Give Your Family and Friends a Hug!
August 2008 Family - Cradle for fostering the character
June 2008 I hereby declare that I shall treat my family members with ...
April 2008 A Tribute to Outstanding Women
February 2008 YWCA Volunteers: If you want to cheer up people around you, you have to be a cheerful person first.
October 2007 Mr. Donald Tsang visits to YWCA Farm for Healthy Ageing
August 2007 Secretary for Labour and Welfare: Opportunity is reserved for those who have prepared
June 2007 We create our happy family
April 2007 Women, how many cows do you worth?
February 2007 School Service
October 2006 Youth Service
August 2006 Elderly Services
April 2006 Freedom, Capacity Building, Equality
February 2006
April 2005
January 2005

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