International Affairs
Hong Kong YWCA is a full member of the World Young Women’s Christian Association (World YWCA), which has been established since 1894. World YWCA, located in Geneva, Switzerland, is one of the largest women organizations in the world.

Today, YWCAs are established in over 125countries across the globe. World YWCA connects with member associations worldwide and dedicates to promoting women leadership, and advocating for justice, peace, health, rights, liberty and sustainable development for humankind.
Hong Kong YWCA closely liaises with YWCAs, and friends and sisters around the world, and actively participates in international exchange and cooperation, to promote development in different places.
Programme Highlights
  • To organize overseas exchange activities for members and volunteers. Projects in recent years:
    • HKYWCA Young Woman Leadership - Training Programme: Geneva Exchange Tour
    • Membership Affairs Dept. Singapore Exchange Tour
    • Centenary Celebration of Shanghai YWCA
  • To strengthen communication and exchange with sister YWCAs across the globe and develop cooperation
  • To coordinate delegates for joining overseas conferences and exchange activities. Projects in recent years:
    • 2009 YWCA Asia-Pacific Regional Training Institute Melbourne, Australia
    • 2009 Korea Youth Camp
  • Attend the quadrennium World Council meeting, and other World YWCA activities
  • Welcome and receive guests from sister YWCAs, local and overseas associations.

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