National Education
The HKYWCA had been committed to enhancing youngsters’ understanding towards Chinese culture, caring to the Motherland and national awareness since mid 1980’s. Youngsters’ understanding towards the Motherland is enriched via various exchange programmes, which establish a sense of national recognition through first-hand experience. Having reunified with the Motherland, Hong Kong’s connection with China has become much closer. The HKYWCA will continue to promote the national education movement as a means to catalyze youngsters’ recognition to their national identity and their sense of belonging to the Motherland.
The Youth Service Units under our Youth and Community Service Department had included the following objective in the service pledge: Offer cultural encounter and experience opportunities to youngsters as a means to inspire them for self-reflection, that they can establish a new personal perspective concerning national culture, ignite their national sentiments and reexamine the recognition of their identity. It shows stance on progressing national education, and that we are committed to assist youngsters to reflect and rebuild their connection with the Motherland.
As of now, the HKYWCA has already organized various exchange, experience and service programmes with her mainland counterparts. These programmes include service and sponsorship programmes for underprivileged secondary and primary students in the Mainland; village life experience programmes for youngsters; youth adventure programmes in the Mainland; voluntary tutoring service offered to students in the Mainland; exchange programmes between youngsters from the Mainland and Hong Kong; seminars; visits to the Mainland and project-based learning activities. Through cooperation and close connection with the The National Committee of the YWCAs of China, the ten Young Women’s City Clubs in the Mainland, the Youth Federation, the Ministry of Education and various universities, our service network extends over Beijing, Xian, Nanjing, Shanghai, Anhui, Sichuan, Wuhan, Guangxi, Guangdong and the mountainous area in Yuebei. The working objectives behind these activities are: to allow youngsters to learn, experience and understand the lives and culture in the Mainland via first-hand experience; to facilitate culture exchanges; to enhance the communication and sharing between youngsters from the Mainland and Hong Kong; to inspire local youngsters to reflect on their connections with the Motherland for establishing a sense of recognition to their national identities; to enhance the leadership and organizational skills of local youngsters, encouraging them to be responsible and to contribute to the development of the Motherland.
Apart from encouraging all service units to promote the national education movement, the HKYWCA has been exploring cooperation opportunities and resources with social enterprises and sponsors in order to foster national education programmes both in the Mainland and Hong Kong. In addition, the HKYWCA organizes the National Education Festival during October ever year. Other than a celebration of the National Day, the festival is an event that mobilizes members to involve in the national education movement and promote the related programmes to the society.

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