The Development of the Christianity Movement
The story of our association began with four Christian ladies. They were touched by God during Bible study and prayer meetings and were hence determined to provide practical services to people and groups in need. For that reason, our association was established. Since then, the Christian faith has always been a major subject in different departments and ministries of our association. Our “Religious Education Committee” had also been in close contact with all the departments and units for the promotion of the Christian movement and it deemed providing coordination and becoming the bridge of churches its major task.
 In mid 1930s, the committee initiated and organized joint Easter Service and choir singing meetings for all Hong Kong churches as well as training seminars for Sunday school teachers. During the 70s, it invited pastors to hold evangelical meetings in various districts. In early 80s, its evangelical ministry reached the refugee camp in Argyle Street, where Bible study groups were held and counseling were provided. It was also an annual participant and organizer of Christian events — such as World Day of Prayer, Week of Prayer for Christian Unity and World Week of Prayer with Universal Fellowship Worship — as well as fund raising campaigns for victims of disasters. Putting into practice the mission of Jesus and bringing the love and care of God to the community, the committee, with the cooperation of different departments, time and again organized evangelical meetings and crusades in the 90s for various service targets.
As a means to strengthen the spiritual atmosphere inside the association, a training conference was organized once every year by the committee. During the conference, all co-workers could participate in sharing. It was also a time of introspection and a time to review the religious matters of all departments and units. Other than that, devotion sessions were arranged half an hour before the meetings of board of directors as well as before the meetings of secretaries. During which, directors and co-workers would come before Jesus silently, listen to God’s word and understand His will. Since  2000, the management of the association encourages and allows all departments and units to have their own monthly fellowship meetings. During that one hour of each month, co-workers can share and show their support with one another and learn to draw near to God.
Christian Ministry Department
As a means to promote the Christianity movement, our association has started employing a full-time religion secretary in mid 1995 and officially set up a Religious Education Department which was later renamed as the Christian Ministry Department. The Religious Education Committee was also renamed as Christian Ministry Committee. The Christian Ministry Department has since then, for the purpose of providing spiritual teaching and encouragement, organized evangelic lectures, set up evangelic cell groups in different units and held regular meetings. Due to the unceasing effort of our co-workers, the number of cell groups has been increased from 5 in 1995 to 160 in 2009. Our association has also launched various volunteer training services since 1999 to train and equip the army of God from all walks of life for the ministry of our association.
The Christian Ministry Department of HKYWCA has been growing in the last 10 years. During these years, the department has been trying to reach different people through diverse services. In addition, our association has also been committed to developing our community connection network and is now in connection with approximately 100 churches. From time to time, we work with various churches and denominations on evangelism and training of volunteers. Our department also takes the initiative to invite pastors from different denominations to be our advisors. In that manner, we collaborate in planning and share the fruits of our efforts.
It is our goal to be the bridge between the community and the churches. For that reason, HKYWCA reaffirmed and concluded the service objective of the whole body as “Enhancement of Life” in 2000. Since then, the association has started training people from four aspects — virtue, intelligence, physical body and team spirit — to consolidate the Blue Triangle Movement(Christianity Movement, Membership Movement and Women's Movement) of HKYWCA as well as the focus of our development, which is to become a women-oriented community service organization conformed to Christian and international standards. During the retreat day for Directors and Committee Members” in 2003, the direction of our Christianity Movement was further concluded.
The Local Church Partnership  Program was initiated since 2009 and the partnership between HKYWCA and different churches has since then been even more definite. Present projects undertaking with local churches include: cell groups for various units and co-workers, group cultivation projects for different districts, cell groups for parents and children in nursery schools and evangelic cell groups for elderly people and students.
We are always dedicated to: honor God, the Trinity, and walk according to His Word; follow the example of Jesus and His footsteps. The objective of our department is to preach the Gospel of Christ through love, that people can understand the power of God, be drawn to know Him and be benefited in their virtues, minds, bodies and relationships.
  1. Preach the Gospel
    We work closely with all departments of HKYWCA and preach the Gospel according to different needs, service targets, ages and locations.
  2. Connect with Churches
    An “Advisor Team” is formed and the “Cooperation Project for Church and Ministry Partners” is established. The two provide us with valuable advices, helping to develop the connections between service targets and churches efficiently.
  3. Equip the Body of Christ
    We equip believers of different ages with training courses that they can assist us in our Christian movement.
  4. Cultivate Spiritual Lives
    With the voluntary assistance of church pastors and preachers, evangelic cell groups, choir teams, prayer groups and Bible study groups are formed in various units. Regular meetings are held to provide spiritual teaching and encouragement.
  5. Cultivate Co-workers
    To enrich the spiritual lives of staff members and ignite their passion for evangelism, various training meetings, Bible study groups and prayer meetings are held regularly in various formats to support, nurture and connect co-workers in different units.
  6. Initiate Group Cultivation Projects
    We initiate evangelic ministry in communities and look into the possibility to preach to other races. It is our wish to preach the gospel through life and build evangelic communities.
  7. Develop Partnership
    We cooperate with various Christian organizations and enterprises, such as hospitals, churches and evangelic organizations, to seek opportunities for outreach.
  1. All people are created equal and are precious in God’s eyes.
  2. All people are spiritual and therefore need inspiration and cultivation for their spirits.
  3. The practicing and establishment of Christian ethics.
  4. The upholding of the Christian truth as the value of our association.
As a means to achieve the objective of our association – “Enhancement of Life”, we will never cease to advance the Christianity movement, which is one of the three fold objectives of the Blue Triangle Movement. Our department will also strive to practice the vision, mission and value there above mentioned. It is our goal to inherit from our forerunners the responsibility and passion of passing on the Christian faith.

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