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Women facing marital adversity enjoyed quality time with their children

Sponsored by Women Helping Women Hong Kong, HKYWCA Women Affairs Team held a camp at Noah’s Ark in Ma Wan for 60 participants. Women having marital problems had relaxation exercises and enjoyed quality parent-child time with their children.   

The Association prepared a series of mini games to help the participants to develop healthy parent-child relationship by enhancing communication, trust, cooperation and allowing them to face challenges together. Besides, the women participants took a “Soul SPA” session, in which expressive arts therapist lead them to transform their negative emotions into positive ones through dances, imagination, storytelling, drawing etc. Members of Women Empower Group under the Association’s Women Affairs Department also shared their stories to encourage their fellow participants. In order to let the mothers concentrate on their own needs, we took care of their children and organised interactive activities for them.

The participants did not only enjoy the fun and tears in the two-day-one-night camp, but also met new friends who faced similar challenges and can be each other’s support in the future.

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