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The Association hosted “Yo Life School” graduation ceremony to compliment the young mothers

The Association’s Career and Life Adventure Planning Service Team gave out certificates to the young mothers at "Yo Life School” graduation ceremony, to acknowledge the efforts of the programme participants who strived to achieve their goals and take good care of their children. 

"Yo Life School” participants joined some workshops earlier to understand their own needs and values. They also took part in a series of activities e.g. parent-child reading session and games etc. to learn the importance of spending time with their children which helps building healthy parent-child relationship. In the second part of the programme, the young mothers completed different career-based training to find suitable jobs for themselves. Some of them also found their dream through those activities. All graduates agreed the programme allowed them to re-examine their relationship with their children, and to appreciate their own ability.

"Yo Life School” programme is designed for young mothers aged between 15 and 21 who have a child/children under the age of 3 years. The programme aims to assist young mothers to build healthy parent-child relationship, and to prepare themselves for returning to work in the future.

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